Floppy the Mystery Dog is Live!

I am proud to announce that Floppy the Mystery Dog, my co-Author Denise Bloomfield's beloved character, now has his own website and book trailer for his first book! We have been hard at promoting our first book, as the second is due out October 1st!

The Unexpected Homeschooler by Diana R. Starr

What do you get when you put a High IQ kid into a public school? After placing our little boy in the hands of the Los Angeles public school system, we realized that No Child Left Behind was quickly leaving our bright child completely on his own.


Here's the story of our discovery of what "Gifted" means and how we fared in the public schools. It is also a cautionary tale about how school fosters anxiety in your child and how to identify it before it begins to rule your life too.

This is the story of how we became "The Unexpected Homeschoolers.”


 Meet Buddy. He's a little dog on a big farm with some very, very big dogs. Poor Buddy has no friends...until a very curious little kitten comes to the farm and helps Buddy learn the meaning of true friendship.


Big Black Cat is Baby's best friend! Learn all about this black cat and how he loves his family. Recommended for babies and preschoolers or any cat lover.


It is time that Janie is told that she will be expecting a little brother in the very near future! Janie's mommy is practicing her breathing for the big day. Join Janie and her family as they ready themselves for a larger family. A sweet little tale designed to get your children ready for a sibling.